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Your VisionRéno construction broker is an independent agent, who simplifies your search for reliable and competent contractors and vous accompanies you, according to your needs, throughout your renovation or new construction project, to ensure it goes smooth.

Save time and money while ensuring your work is carried out according to your expectations

You VisionRéno broker, construction professional, comes to your home to make a complete diagnosis. The latter being much more advanced than what is typically found on the market, we are sure to clearly identify the different aspects of the project.


During verbal and visual, initial analysis, your broker explains and shows you, thanks to his various instruments, essential points to take in consideration when preparing quotations.

Your VisioRéno broker can also provide you a full and detailed report, if you need.


See the page our offers to determine the package which fits your budget.

Your VisionRéno broker also knows the market price and the reasonable time for a project like yours.

Having previously conducted various research among applicants entrepreneurs, we ensure their reliability before sending them your project.


In order to make you save time and money, we ask several construction companies, qualified and able to adequately meet your needs, to submit estimates and we analyse them.


This way you can choose the contractor that suits you and you VisionRéno broker will negotiate for you the best conditions necessary for the smooth running of your project.

Depending on the selected offer, your VisionRéno broker can assist you in monitoring the work or offer you a turnkey solution to ensure serene construction or renovation.

flirscanVisionRéno is a member of the ACQ

VisionRéno votre nouveau corridor de sécurité dans la recherche d’entrepreneurs compétents et fiables! VisionReno your new safe gateway to find competent & trustworthy contractors!

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