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A construction broker, like we are at VisionReno, is an independant agent that not only simplifies the search for qualified and trustworthy contractors, but also put to its clients availability a large knowledge base and expertise in the field of construction projects.

Yes. VisionRéno is not limited to renovation projects. We can also assist you for new construction work, and for commercial projects.

The first consultation is free. Ask for the VisionRéno diagnosis in order to adequately choose contractors. Our offers are functions of the scale of renovation or construction to achieve. Visit the page Our offers to know more.

No. The renovation broker gives you direct access to quality materials at warehouse prices and a skilled workforce at the right price in the renovation market and / or construction.

> Added Value

  • Allow you to plan your project
  • Allow you to access finishing materials at competitive prices
  • Allow you to access several professional services at lower costs: Designer, Engineer, Architectural techonologist, Building Inspector, Air quality Inspector, Thermography Inspector…
  • You save up to 35% on your entire project

  • In other words, the broker offer you:

  • The serenity and peace of mind
  • Savings
  • The quality at very competitive prices

We offer VisionRéno warranty. Moreover, manufacturers and contractors will work with correspondence to our quality charter and therefore offer you warranty regarding the conformity of the work they do and quality of materials.

In the event of a dispute between you and the contractor, your advised to get in touch with your broker. He or she will then contact the contractor to find solutions to defuse the situation and find a reasonable compromise.

VisionRéno votre nouveau corridor de sécurité dans la recherche d’entrepreneurs compétents et fiables! VisionReno your new safe gateway to find competent & trustworthy contractors!

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