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VisionRéno commits itself to implement all possible means to offer you an outstanding service on the occasion of the completion of your construction or renovation work.

Our system of selection of contractors, extremely rigourous and well ahead compared to what is currently on the market, allow us to implement for the success of your project, the necessary conditions so that you can ensure that the work related to the project will be realized in the best possible way, according to the standards and in compliance with the contractual commitments of both sides.

Your VisionRéno broker accompanies you with proactive, dynamic and personalized monitoring. VisionRéno thanks to on one site its experience and on the other side the extent recognize as broker in construction and assistant allowed to make recommendations, will collaborate in the prevention of tensions and potential disagreements with diligence and in respect with the contractual framework previously established between the main parties and with the commitments of means of VisionRéno.

VisionReno is not only present when work is going well, but your VisionRéno broker also intervene to enable you to effectively take over the defines of your interests when it may be necessary, particularly in giving you the option to retain a preliminary avenue, in the form of legal assistance fo which VisionRéno shall bear the fees of an initial situation assessment consultation.

For VisionRéno, saying they want to make every effort so that each participant can ensure the the conformity of construction progress, means facilitating a smooth and transparent management of work with a quality intermediation. Getting further the implication of the construction broker, consists in these conditions, in respecting the traditional mechanism that exist between the contracting partie and the contractor, while providing external analysis and implication with the sole and only objective of a high degree of satisfaction at the assessment, that is to say the time of receipt of the work.

Being present when it really matters, for the client, contracting partie, and for the general entrepreneur, contractor, means redefining the proactive assistance to project owners and contractors, without any substitution of roles, but always in order to allow the execution of work according to the commitments taken between the client and the general entrepreneur.

VisionRéno votre nouveau corridor de sécurité dans la recherche d’entrepreneurs compétents et fiables! VisionReno your new safe gateway to find competent & trustworthy contractors!

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