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At VisionRéno, we strive to ensure the smooth running of your renovation or new construction projects. Working with VisionRéno can make you avoid many pitfalls, know your project and keep peace of mind.



Reliable contractors

VisionRéno ensures the soundness of the entrepreneurs we refer. We don’t content ourselves with presenting you some quotations, we check for you the background of the companies with whom we work.

  • Checking the docket
  • Checking valide licenses and accreditations
  • Checking credits with suppliers
  • Verifying the presence and relevance of the required insurance
  • Checking the reputation of the contractor with past clients
  • Inspecting existing sites
  • Verifying their technical ability to make your project
  • Verifying their financial ability to support your project
  • Inspections of their current projects

The Price is Right

The right price is defined as the combination of the price your VisionRéno broker usually see for a project similar to your renovation and prices allowed in your area as well as prices donated by various organizations and publications.

The volume of business generated by VisionRéno and the competition between entrepreneurs ensure that you get the best possible prices for quality work.

However you have no obligation to work with contractors that your broker recommends.



Our goal is customer satisfaction.

A satisfaction survey will be carried out after work to assess our services and the contractors’ work.

However, if something does not fit you during work, you are advised to immediately contact your broker so that he or she can take appropriate action.


Legal Assistance

To ensure our clients responsible support, VisionRéno offers legal assistance when the situation requires it.

The initial consultation with our legal counsellor specialized in real estate necessary for the assessment of your situation is offered with any service package.

Our goal is to offer a seamless service but at VisionRéno we support our customers when it really count and we are truly ready to defend their interests.



VisionRéno votre nouveau corridor de sécurité dans la recherche d’entrepreneurs compétents et fiables! VisionReno your new safe gateway to find competent & trustworthy contractors!

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